Le Palais des Thés has recently opened a brand new flagship at 156 Prince Street. This charming boutique is filled with gorgeous aromas and the best tea lovingly sourced from all parts of the globe. I had the wonderful experience of attending a tea class instructed by the founder and tea extrordinare Francois-Xavier Delmas. We tasted two very distinct and rare teas while being taught the delicate art of brewing the perfect cup. I learned that color does not gauge the intensity or flavor and that smelling the tea gives more information that the actual taste. My first trip to Paris I stumbled upon this enchanting tea shop, so I was especially excited attend and be emerced in the world of Le Palais des Thés. For Francois-Xavier Delmas, pleasure for him comes in choosing the perfect tea to suit his mood and time of day. Tea is truly an art that Francois can claim mastery.


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