Cherrywood Kitchen is tucked into a cozy Soho street and the interior is just as charming. Richly colored hues make you sit back and get ready for a comforting meal with a little Asian edge. Nobu and Jean-Georges alum Chef Chris Cheun really knows his way around a kitchen. The menu at Cherrywood is not uptight or overworked just simple neighborhood American fare reinvented. He specializes in bread making, clay pot cooking, and smoking cherrywood.

If I start with how amazing the bread is, I might get stuck on a rant. I’ll just say that this is a place that bakes garlic ciabatta in house with whipped blue cheese…that is all. Onto the the snacks. The little lobster tacos are stuffed into no ordinary shell, but a handmade wonton wrapper concocted by Cheun, do not skip this or the beautifully orchestrated salmon head salad. This salad was definitely my favorite for its vibrant plating and simplicity in ingredients. Eel stuffed chicken…what? No, you read it correctly, this seemingly strange pairing is a perfect balance keeping the chicken ultra-moist and a house-favorite dish. The market fish with saffron toast and abalone broth is a luxurious yet comforting way to enjoy the freshest jewels of the sea in Cheun’s signature clay pot style. This is a dining experience meant to appreciate a simply delicious meal with a comforting neighborhood vibe.


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